The sun was in 12°05 Scorpio, and the moon in 29°10 Virgo when I left the bliss of the inscrutable planar domain and emerged in my concrescential particularity. The place was a small town in what used to be called Spanish Morocco, In North West Africa. Even if my roots are deeply oriental, my upbringing and leanings were mostly western, until I reached the age of reason that is, and became an insipid mix of either. I did live extensively in Europe, particularly in Italy, where I acquired a taste for good coffee that made me loath all other countries I lived in afterwards for blatant brewing ineptitude. After Italy I traveled to the United States where I conducted my formal studies and lived for many years.

I remember that after High school, I took two years off, and became practically a madcap wandering troubadour, like searching of a long lost tune, traveling thru many countries, meeting people, learning languages, working in all kinds of jobs, and taking courses in European schools. I like to think that this allowed me to learn about a deeper level of reality that I would have missed if I just stayed in the old country. I am by no stretch of the imagination an anarchist, but I learned to think for myself, and to question authority, and always refused to be held to outdated world views. Someone told me once that a questioning attitude was healthy, so I kept an open mind, because the gravest danger to truth is not lies, but conviction, and the extreme of good is not best but evil. As a matter of fact I came to be belief that anything carried to the extreme point becomes its opposite (now you understand why fundamentalisms of any kind become caricatures of their original purpose). I do seek the truth, but just "the truth enough"; I do yearn for happiness, but I make sure I leave some for later; I do seek peace, but also realize that a healthy tension and a regular and balanced alternation between states of passion and depression, fighting and letting go, aggression and submission, laughter and tears, health and sickness, are necessary polarities in this marvelous circuitry that is life.

I consider my highest identified purpose in life is to be tuned to the cosmic frequency, to know what the gods are combining and have already intended to do or not to do (which no amount of prayers would dissuade or thwart) and take my place as a constructive, conciliatory element in that overall plan. It takes a lot of hard work to be who we already are, it is the great irony of our age. So i don't just go along gathering rosebuds, or just bumble on, and let things happen. Our humanity is surely compelling in its uniqueness and singularity, but so is our divinity and that is why my goal as a human being is to touch life at a unique place, where no man has touched before. I want to come to the idea of an effective personal evolution, an evolution that has little to do with gradual growth and more to do with recovering the long lost soul, falling into place, capturing the tune and dancing the dance, The Dance. A condition in which all human potentialities, virtue and sin, angel and demon, compassion and bestiality, virginity and whoredom are acknowledged, accepted then sublimated into artful and beautiful ways of living.

I am an eternal optimist of the will (and for the sake of balance, a committed pessimist of the intellect) . I know that our societies, our economic systems and our cultures, are designed around. wastefulness and inefficiency. Perhaps the biggest hope I see is that more and more men and women are freeing themselves from family and cultural cages and collective mind sets, and are releasing themselves from imprisonment and trance. We are starting to uncover and denounce those moral carpenters that make boxes of words and concepts and try to imprison us in them.

This site and my many projects, are a weak and humble attempt to send a clarion call to support one another, using all the knowledge that we can bring to bear, recognizing all the ignorance one lives in, to help each other built the mental structure and the emotional maturity to live life meaningfully, intelligently, and responsibly.

So be happy ye all, but of course, make sure you leave some for later.